about cholesterol ,please help me?

1-if some one is consuming too much of cholesterol can he be fat,or being fat and being cholesterol could be?
2 different things?
2- so it is possible that a person can be thin/slim but have high cholesterol?
3-are there any visible signs to determine that you have high cholesterol is being fat one of them or that could not be the case,as cholesterol will make blood thick,am i right?
4-so its mean you never know unless go to test that you have high cholesterol same for blood pressure and deities ?
5-do our body need cholesterol if yes for what?
6-cholesterol can only cause you heart attack? right or wrong or there can be any other disease form it
thanks for the help


  • 1. ‘fat’ people usually have high cholesterol because the foods that make you fat generally also have high cholesterol. So usually people who are thinner and healthier won’t have high cholesterol.
    2. it is POSSIBLE but usually overweight people have much more cholesterol content.
    3. Visible signs are a poor diet. That is the most visible thing ever. Yes, being overweight may be a warning too.
    4. Of course you can never determine your blood pressure and cholesterol just like that!
    Without any test or anything! But you may conclude that you have high cholesterol or blood pressure if you never exercise or eat a poor diet.
    5. Cholesterol is material which sits on the inner walls of your arteries and veins, which doesn’t let blood to move freely. It is not beneficial material.
    6. Not only heart attack. It can mess up your blood pressure and if you have high cholesterol and eat a lot of salt, it can harden your arteries which limits your movement and heart health.

  • Bco4th6th

    The only connection between obesity and high cholesterol is whether or not the person is drinking adequate water. Overweight people will maintain good cholesterol levels if they don’t become dehydrated.

    Yes, thin/slim people can develop high cholesterol just as easily as anyone else if they don’t drink enough water.

    Thickened blood isn’t a sign of high cholesterol, it’s a sign of dehydration – which causes high cholesterol. Thickened blood is, however, acidic with toxins and these cause damage to the arteries. It’s because of this damage that the so-called "bad" cholesterol is produced. Without the cholesterol, the damaged arteries can peel and cause an embolism in the brain or other organ, The cholesterol acts like a patch that covers and protects the damaged areas until they can be repaired.

    Cholesterol is a vital substance in the body. It’s in the cells, it covers the nerve structure and it’s used by the brain. If all of the proper tools are in place for the body to maintain itself, it would never produce anything that would cause harm to itself.

    The only reason the cholesterol builds up is because the medical profession refuses to recognize and act on the symptoms of dehydration in the early stages where health problems develop. And because the dehydration continues, so does the damage to the arteries, requiring the body to continue to produce cholesterol, even in dangerous amounts.

    Cholesterol can be corrected by correcting the dehydration. Once the blood returns to its normal thickness the acidic toxins will diminish. This will give the immune system the opportunity to correct and heal the damage, allowing for the disposal of the excess cholesterol.

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