Question about thyroids ?

i just recently got a blood test taken to see if i had Amenorrhea.
the blood test came back that my hormonal balance was good but my thyroid level was a little low but not to bad and they told me it’s nothing to worry about. what does that mean? & would will the dr do when i go see him in a few weeks, im just curious to see if anyone has gone through this, so i’m a little more prepared.
i would like to start ttc soon, but i’m very confused on whats going on.
& yes i’ve had my period before, it just all of a sudden stopped comming.
haha i know seriously, thanks =)


  • southsiderep4eva

    ***As for Ding Dong, that does not cause thyroid problems, you idiot.**

    You have a mild case of hypothyroidism. It can be treated with levothyroxine if your condition becomes worse.

  • KND85

    my family has a history of thyroid problems. My father has hyper-thyroid, and my aunt has hypo-thyroid. Sometimes the thyroid fluctuates a little bit, but your doc would let you know if it was a problem. A blood test will tell how your levels are. Hyper thyroidism is also called Grave’s Disease.

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    The Blood test has shown that the Thyroid Gland has a mal-function.
    The Gland controls some functions of the body, including hormone levels.
    You say Amenorrhea which is the "absence of the menst….period"
    That relates to your Hormone levels.
    What age are U ??
    Have your periods EVER commenced??
    Or just lately, ceased for a "period"..meaning time.
    The Doctor does not want you to worry and the blood test revealed
    the "problem": as one that is of low level and may correct itself.
    However, when you go back, another blood test will no doubt be taken.
    Wait.. Dont worry..see what the next blood test results in and get the full information to "fully understand" from the doctor.

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