I have a cataract coming in on one eye. Age 67,but generally good health. Any solid natural remedies for this?

Something proven to work, i don’t want to mess with my eyes. But i’d also opt for cataract surgery only if a natural remedy did not reverve or at least stop the progress of the cataract.


  • mlgable

    Surgery is the only way to get rid of a cataract. There is no way to remedy it naturally nor to stop the progression of it. If the doc feels it is ready to be removed then get the surgery done so you can see again better.

  • sharon

    Surgery. My sister had it done at 63 and she marvels at how well she can see. It is not a complicated operation – in and out. Don’t be afraid.

  • Observer

    Look into:
    Ginkgo biloba
    vitamin C
    vitamin E
    Ask advice from pharmacy about dosage or read source material

  • No, there isn’t. You don’t want to mess with your eyes? Then talk to an ophthalmologist about having surgery to remove the old lenses and replace them with new lenses. My mother had it done at 68 and she ended up with 20/20 vision!

    Do not try anything you buy at a store. It will damage your eyes. Only an ophthalmologist can do this.

  • Gregory L

    Anything that you could take won’t reverse any cloudiness that you already have in the lens of your eye. It may just slow the process of it getting any worse. I had the surgery and I am completely pleased with the results.

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