I am allergic to caffeine, so what can I have for a pick me up?

I am really tired, lethargic and low on energy.
I cant drink red bull or hot coffee, cant even take a pro plus.

What can I have for a pick me up?

I can eat chocolate and drink coke and stuff like that. Minor caffeine input doesn’t do much to me thankfully.

What can I have to give me an energy boost, keep me awake and bring me back to reality?


  • Citrus juices are really good as an alternative of Coffee

    you say you are tired, lethargic it’s symptoms of poor diet and low energy intake. you need to increase your food intake. if you want high energy beverages that are healthy try milkshakes and fruit juices.

  • chris

    I would recommend Vyvance or any amphetamine , or methamphetamine ,also there is cocaine

  • James

    B12 is used alot in energy drinks. Look for that. Its healthier than caffeine too. I think 5 hour energy is based on a b12 formula.

  • Ruman

    coke, but its not that healthy if your looking for something that is really reallly good for you couldnt think of anything thats better than wheatgrass shots, its a required taste but defiantly a pick me up and omg i haven’t thought of anything thats better for you- please rate

  • Eat low GI foods for sustained energy e.g. Brown pasta, bread and oats.

    Korean Ginseng for instant hit of energy (Short term solution)
    Siberian Ginseng for lasting energy (Takes a month to build up in system)
    Strong multi Vit with high levels of B vitamins
    CoQ10 supplements with food
    Sida Cordifolia tablets for heart exploding short burst of energy e.g. for gym or running (buy on bulkpowders.co.uk)
    L Carnitine fat burning boost to central nervous system.

    Check with GP if you have any problems with heart or high blood pressure as most of those will affect mentioned conditions.

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