High cholesterol and Steak?

I am wondering if it is ok to eat steak (black angus) when you have high cholesterol and high triglyerides?


  • pimpalicious

    yes avoidance of red meat is definitely one of the first thing to adjust in your diet, as red meat such as steak contains some of the most dense cholesterol pound for pound. You are strongly advised to consume food that can naturally remove cholesterol from your body, food that are naturally high in soluble fibers such as oatmeal. To see the top natural food that can remove cholesterol from your body please go to http://www.cureshare.com/view_condition.php?cond_id=22

  • Joachin Murrieta

    Sure, as long as you keep taking your Statin drugs….

  • watercoloursfmr

    I am not a Doctor but I know that steak has alot of fat in it and it the fat that is the problem. High cholesterol mean you are eating too many food items with fatty substance in it.
    Perhaps a Doctor could recommend better food items for you to eat.

  • sarge927

    It’s OK to have steak once in a while if you have high cholesterol and high triglycerides. The leaner the cut of beef (like sirloin) the better. The fattier cuts (like T-Bone, Rib Eye, and Filet Mignon) should really be avoided until you get your numbers under control. Want to get your cholesterol under control without medication? A lot of it involves eating right, and I’m sure you know how to do that, but there are three things you can take that will make those bad numbers take a nose-dive: (1) EPA fish oil capsules, which you can get at Wal-Mart or Vitamin World, (2) Fiber supplements like Fiber Choice tablets or Metamucil fiber bars, and (3) Olive oil — one of the best things on the planet for you. Take it from me: My cholesterol was over 280 and I couldn’t take the meds because they raised my blood pressure, so I started eating better (but not absolutely perfect all of the time), started taking olive oil 3 times a day and fish oil 3 times a day and started getting at least 25g of fiber into my diet every day and now my cholesterol is around 130. My triglycerides are below 100 and my "good" cholesterol has gone WAY up.

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