help me i need idea's. i need to make a party for little ones what would you recommend?

it must be easy, and quick ——-and anyone with a great cocktail thats alcohol
free, plus is carrot juice a good idea and who would you serve it.
sorry forgot to say i need a good recipe for a cocktail


  • Dagger

    When bunnies get together, the fun starts by itself…trust me on this one.
    AND keep an eye on them….you never know when bunnies might try and multiply…lol
    I’ll send Private Rayman over to help you…you should have a balst with the dances hes gonna show you…lol

  • Latino Heat 4ever

    well, is it a Christmas party? or just a birthday party? I know i have done a Pirate party for the kids, a "circus" party for the kids and a "spy" party….as for a cocktail for a kids party……not sure of the recipe, but Shirley Temples are great and alcohol free…

  • qzmaster591

    Lot’s of balloons and paper decoration: after the party you can tell the little vandals to pop the balloons, then, when they leave, clean everything by dropping things down the trash.
    As a cocktail try preparing a good old fruit juice, but mixing it with some fizzy water, or mixing the things used to turn tap water into fizzy one. Good old carrot juice is neat.
    If it’s a themed party, you can call regular juices with funny names. Avoid as possible melted chocolate or similar stuff, if you don’t want to get handprints smeared everywhere

  • mad mike

    Can’t beat the good ol’ Fruit punch with 7-up in it. I don’t think many would drink carrot juice unless you didn’t tell them what it was until after they drank it. Buy some grenadine and cherries and mix Shirley Temples (7-up and grenadine) or Roy Rogers (Coke with grenadine) and top off with a cherry or two. Here is a good mixed drink site. Click on the non-alcoholic list on the left, and there you go. I am a bartender and I get a lot of my recipes here.

  • *santa's little angel*

    it seems you have enough ideas hope all goes well and have a great party

  • mumson45

    you need plenty of decorations, streamers etc, and as for a cocktail try this link

    star time


  • yahoo princess

    make sure you have games with prizes!!

    my kids love that!!

    maybe a pinata!

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