Do I have high cholesterol?

So I got my results after giving blood and it said my total cholesterol level was 177, is that high? Btw, I’m 18. Please no one answer that has nothing to base your answer on. Thanks 🙂


  • pinkrose

    No, that isn’t high. A healthy cholesterol level should be below 200; 200-239 levels are borderline high and cholesterol levels above 240 are considered high.

  • James C-S

    Cholesterol as a number is meaningless.

    It’s all about the type of cholesterol – mostly LDL and HDL. Then the size of the LDL particles themselves.

    If you have high LDL and low HDL with total cholesterol at 177 then that’s bad. If you have low LDL and high HDL with a total cholesterol at 177 then that’s good. However, if you have the high LDL but it’s mostly large-sized LDL then that could be good.

    So just having the total cholesterol number is meaningless. You need to get HDL/LDL numbers plus particle count before anything productive can be said.

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