can't lose weight…not thyroid issue- what can I do.?

I need help…I can not seem to lose any lbs. I have had my thyroid checked 2x and its NORMAL. However I am doing everything (at least I feel like I am) to lose some weight. I work out 5-6x a week. This consists of 30-45 minutes of cardio and weight lifting (so 1.5-2 hrs of gym time). I eat as CLEAN as I can. Sure I have cheat days (1-2x a month) and its SUSHI. Everyone in my family has lost weight my spouse, and kids are dropping lbs and I am stuck since Nov,. I have tried to switch things up less than 1200 calories, more calories, more water, more cardio, less cardio…and nothing stupid scale stays the same. i see muscle in my legs and have managed to grow a butt HOWEVER I would like to lose fat just seem to stay chubby. I don’t want to take diet pills. I want to do it right. Any tips?


  • Tia -

    Could still be your thyroid. I had the same problem and I had no success until I had a proper diagnosis of hypothyroidism and started being treated with medications. I had other symptoms as well so you might want to be persistent or check with another doctor. It is very common for people with thyroid conditions to be misdiagnosed because of controversies surrounding the "normal" range for TSH blood tests. I will stress that I lost zero weight and actually saw my weight steadily increasing until I got treatment. No amount of working harder fixed it.

    I have now lost 38 inches of fat and I’m on my way to getting the body I want. Make sure you are not working the same body parts back to back. At my peak of working out I did 30-45 minutes of cardio and worked out for an hour. Sounds like you are doing the right things. Above all workout to be healthy and don’t focus as much on the "weight". Are you taking measurements? Sometimes when you are building muscle, you don’t see the lbs drop but your close fit looser.

    One additional thing I can say is make sure that you are eating enough. Too often people don’t eat enough food for losing weight.

    I suggest that you be persistent about your thyroid and see a nutritionist. If you are interested, we have a thyroid friendly nutritionist who does internet/phone consultations and assigns meal plans. She can tell you what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat for weight loss… thyroid problem or no thyroid problem.

    If you are interested feel free to contact me. You can post a question in our forum. Also we are having a webinar call "how, what and when to eat to keep your thyroid happy" on april 24th. Feel free to check it out, but you will need to register:

  • You might be building muscle and muscle is heavier than fat so you might lose fat but then gain muscle

  • what "hi" said. you’re building muscle and getting healthier. congrats! keep up what you’re doing. try measuring your progress with body fat %. weight on the scale is not a very good indicator of health, for the most part. I use a scale that tracks body fat %.

  • Alyssa Mason

    don’t trust doctors on thyroid!!! get more info.

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