Can flatulence cause health problems?

My room now since it has been cold and I have been having some severe smelling biological type flatulence where it lingers and right now I have the fan on and ceiling fan trying to get the smell out of the room.

With the foods I have been eating I believe the gas chromatography are sulfur containing compounds such as
hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell)

I have been having a headache for the last 3 nights, I want to know if this can cause any health problems from the expulsion through the rectum of a mixture of gases.

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  • Flatulence isn’t going to "cause" health problems. But it may be a "symptom" of health problems. Everyone farts of course (oh, except women, my wife tells me they never fart so it must just be me :)), but excessive gas may cause you think about diet and your digestive system, and whether it’s working properly.

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