Which of these drinks has the highest level of calories?

I’m looking for a high calorie drink, but I don’t know which is best
Enlive Plus
Clinutren Fruit


  • BeachSaint

    Enlive Plus — 337 calories

    I could only find one site that had the actually calories for Enlive Plus. One site noted, fruit juice based drinks "may be preferred to milk based supplements but provide fewer calories." I did come across one site for Esophogeal patients that seems to have quite a bit of rational nutritional information which may be of inerest to you.


    If I find anything else, I will post a P.S.

  • latina_hottie

    Personally I don’t know because I’ve never heard of them but FDA requirements mean they have to have calories listed on the drinks.

  • Laurence W

    Its on the back label.

  • never heard of em i’m afraid. Ill guess the 1st one.

  • The Beauty Spot

    Never heard of them. Is there a label on the containers telling you about their content. Most items you buy have.

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