What's your favourite time of day?

Mine is right now – everyone else is asleep but I’m awake doing my homework and listening to my favourite songs and sipping my cup of tea (I’m British) with my muffin 🙂


  • Fabalabaloscious

    Yeah, about now actually. I’m listening to Radio 1, doing some work, sipping orange juice etc etc lol, relaxing, plus i dont have to be in college untill 12:30 tomorrow

  • very early morning love the smell of a new day

  • the angry scotsman

    thats a neat trick

  • тнαт ugℓy gırℓ


  • Mines about 9:00pm. Dunno why i just really like it :/

  • Green Day Rocks!<3

    mines 11am

  • David

    I know this might sound gay but i like sunset cuz i like the way the sky goes from blue–>orange–>purple–>dark blue its awesome and a nice change to the stupid grey and sometimes blue skies of ireland.

  • Chocolate ♥

    Same for me…i love night times..

  • cheer-chick

    I like night.
    Or late in the evening.

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