What are some home remedies for a cold?


  • charlylou

    Vitamin C, zinc and echinacea are all very good at shortening your cold.

    ginger tea, lemon and honey, nettle tea, hot toddy (mmm!) and a blackcurrant tea or juice are all very soothing and effective

    you can also try a steam inhalation, footbath, or chest and gland rubs

    take a look here, for more details on all these natural cold remedies: http://www.natural-health-remedies-guide.com/natural-cold-remedies.html

  • wonder

    a tablespoon of honey it opens everything up and gets the congestion out of your chest.

  • Julia B

    Peppermint tea, lavender bath, lemon tea, mullein tea, elderflower tea, chicken soup.

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