thyroid disease in dogs.

my dog has been diagnosed with Thyroid disease and the vet said something about a skin Fungus. he gave us a pill and some kinda Shampoo. we’ve been treating her for about a Year now maybe a little over and shes not geting any better. the only thing that it does effect is she stops flaking but her skin is still oily an she smells almost as soon as she drys after a bath. (its not because i dont wash her right.)

what im asking is does anyone else have the same problem and what do they do to help their dog.or if any one could give me any tips on helping would really be nice im on my last leg here.. oh and is it curable( i really dont think their is im just asking)


  • wallflower

    Also…… what kind of food is she eating? That can make a difference in her condition too. I thought I was doing the right thing and feeding Science Diet and Eukanuba but these products are not grain- free. I changed to a grain-free product because even though my bluetick was being treated for thyroid, her skin was still rough, itchy, and she did’nt smell right either (and she had issues with throwing up and loose stools as well). I changed to a grain-free product – I feed Nutro Natural Choice Venison and Whole Brown Rice, and have had no more health issues with skin, loose stools, throwing up, and all my dogs are on it.
    The dog with the thyroid problem looks great and she had skin fungus too – bacterial infections are common in dogs with hyperthyroidism.

    You may want to find another grain- free natural dog food – but for me Nutro Natural Choice Venison or Nutro Natural Choice Chicken and Oatmeal works great for my dogs, and my vet agrees – he commented on how good my dogs look at their checkup.

  • Susan B

    I would get a second opinion from a holistic vet. Sounds like you really love the dog. I hope you are able to find a solution.

  • judi f

    If you vet didn’t to a skin scrapping to see if its mange or a mite all of these are curable but time consuming. Try getting a second opinion.

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