remedies for bee sting?

my co workers husband got stung by a bee by his eyebrow now his eye and half of his face is swollen does any one know of home remedies that can help with the swelling it was a normal yellow bee.

los angeles,ca


  • ♥[bri]ana

    How to use this effective natural bee sting remedy:

    Pick a few leaves of plantain from a clean source. Try to gather it away from the side of the road. Also away from places where chemicals are sprayed. HOWEVER, it an emergency, you get it where you can get it.
    Chew the leaves up real good keeping the plant matter and saliva in the FRONT of your mouth.
    Spit it out on to your bee or wasp sting site.
    Hold it on the sting site for a few minutes until you feel relief. Repeat if necessary.

    Baking soda: mix the baking soda with vinegar and apply the thick paste to the wound.

    Onions: Lay a fresh slice of onion on the sting.

    Apple Cider Viegar: The raw kind. Spectrum or Braggs are good brands, available at all health food stores. If bitten or stung, dab apple cider vinegar as soon as possible on the bite to draw out any poison and to prevent swelling. Thyme and rosemary infused in the vinegar are especially effective.

    Homeopathic remedy

    Apis: Take 4 pellets under the tongue. Let them dissolve. Homeopathics work great for first aid situations.

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  • Prince of Dorkness

    was it a monobrow?
    how is the bee after its hairy ordeal?
    anyone stop to ask it how it feels

  • Scott H

    This is what my grandmother and mom did, Take a cigarette or chewing tobacco and chew it up a little getting it moist and apply directly to the stinger area, It will pull out the venom and take down the swelling!

  • Suzuki63

    Mixing baking soda and water to make a paste and applying it to the sting area and taking benedryl will help. ( 2 benedryl is the best, but may cause drowsiness)

    If the swelling continues to spread he will have to be seen by a Doctor.

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