natural ways of getting to sleep?

what is a natural way or something i can take that is
like a home remidi
that will make me go to sleep :))
it will help alot
i need a good night sleep its impossible for me
kinda have a little insomnia :/
i’ve taken ambien but omg
that was the worst feeling i woke up feeling light headed and
kindof float-ey like and i couldn’t focus



  • Foods rich in Tryptophan will help induce natural sleep and aid in reducing anxiety and tension.

    Avoid caffeine for a few hours before bedtime too.

    foods rich in Tryptophan are ~ bananas, cottage cheese, milk, meat, fish, turkey, bananas, dried dates, peanuts and all protein rich foods …………. turkey sandwiches for supper may just do the trick buddy……… :0)

    Have a soothing cup of organic loose leaf chamomile tea ~ this could be the sleep remedy you need too♥

    The tea bag and commercial varieties of herbal teas such as chamomile tea could never be of any therapeutic value as they have had so much of the essential oils pulverised from them ………. only organic will do buddy ♥

    Also, try putting a few drops of organic pure essential lavender oil into a warm bath and soak in that for 15 minutes just before bedtime ~ the lavender oil is a great natural stress reliever and will relax you enormously ♥

    Don’t use the lavender oil if you are pregnant or breast feeding ♥

    For more difficult insomnia, try 1mg of melatonin sublingually (dissolved under the tongue) 15 minutes before bedtime♥any good health food store will be able to provide you with all these things♥

    Naturally resolving the problem will always be the best way …. :0)

    hope this helps you a bit ♥


  • Jujubee

    Although I have never tried it I heard that taking a Melatonin pill helps with insomnia. They are available over the counter. Our bodies sometimes don’t get enough melatonin and some people take it as a supplement. I suggest you look into this.

  • hot tea,jammies,and nice warm blanket? =)

  • Try drinking chamomile tea. It’s soothing and has a relaxing smell and taste.

  • 5-htp u can buy it at walmart. before i started taking it i couldnt get to sleep before 3 in the morning now i am usually in bed by 1. it also helps control appetite and boosts your mood and it is natural

  • Effectual_Fervent_Faith

    kava kava, valerian, etc- melatonin

  • Patrick oldie

    There are a lot of people today that find it difficult to get the mind rested enough to fall a sleep but there are growing concerns that the cause is?
    People who play the games on the mobile phones and computers are increasing the activity of the mind and the mind is not able settle down on it’s own?
    There are several methods of relaxation that can help but have to be practised such as T M, Yoga, Tai Chi, Mindfulness, to name a few.
    The one I use is called relax invented in Poland and played twice a day in their hospitals and they found that patients got better quicker and were discharged earlier.

  • dolphin

    Minx…easy on the hearts, please!

    You need to have a routine…like, warm bath with lavender with a Nora Jones CD playing, same time every night (or as close as possible). Then jammies and a little reading. No TV in the bedroom though! Find a routine that you like and repeat that every day. It will train your body to know that when the routine is occurring, it means it is time to shutdown and sleep.

  • Julia B

    Go to amazon and find a guided meditation to do at night. There are many herbs that will calm the mind like skullcap, lavender, and Mellisa.

  • Shelbi

    I’m usually travelling once a month for work. A few years ago, I had no problems dealing with the jet lag but recently it really started getting the best of the me.

    Started drinking chamomile tea before bed and that did help at first but eventually it wasn’t that big a help. I’m opposed to the prescribed sleep aids, that’s just me. Started looking into natural sleep aids with only herbs and other natural ingredients.

    Finally found this natural supplement on amazon called instant sleep. Will admit I was skeptical at first but it has won me over. Fall asleep soundly and the best part is I wake up energized and in a good mood from it as well. Been thoroughly impressed with it, would recommend it to anyone.

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