my mom has stage 4 colon cancer..whats the chance of survival…?

shes 72 years old and diagnosed with colon cancer last september of 2007…if u have any information or related issue,please share it….thanks….


  • Zsa*Zsa* Galore

    Stage 4 colon cancer is the most serious form of colon cancer. In stage 4 colon cancer the cancer cells have grown into the lymph nodes as well as other areas of the body. In stage 4 colon cancer the cells have grown into several layers of the body’s tissues and other organs. .

    There is hope for colon cancer at stage 4 level. A procedure called a surgical resection can be performed to take out the area that has been affected with this cancer. The other parts of the colon are joined together to allow somewhat proper function in the person that the surgery is performed upon. Chemotherapy is used as well as radiation to ensure no new growth of cancer cells.

    The survival rate is around 12% in those with stage 4 colon cancer. This is the percentage of people that are still around following five years of a past diagnosis with this type of cancer. The major factors that affect a person’s rate of survival are: colon screenings, which colon area is affected, how far the cancer has spread, and the country of the person’s residence.

    Here is a colon cancer forum link, some threads deal with Stage 4 specifically, you might like to check it out too:

    Cancer Centers of America has a 24 hour hotline listed below, where you can call & discuss best treatment options or any cancer question you may have:

    Contact an Oncology Information Specialist at CTCA by calling 1-800-615-3055, or chat with us online by following this link: Exploring Your Cancer Treatment Options. Available 24 hours a day to discuss your treatment options and answer your questions.

    Here’s an additional link to any clinical trials being done in the country for Colon Cancer patients:

    I am sorry to hear about your Mom, I know how helpless you may feel. at times. When my father was going through his cancer treatment, I was blessed by lots of helpful e-friends, who sent me a a wealth of information & helpful sites. Education is so important & empowering when you & your family face such tough questions. I am listing some sites below, that I found extremely helpful:,11874,0.htm

    I would also recommend getting in touch with one of the Oncology Social Workers affiliated with the hospital. They can be extremely helpful with anything from general info, homecare services, excellent Oncologists to get 2nd opinions from, Radiologists, and local support groups. I hope this info helps, Good luck, your family will be in my prayers.

  • There are lots of websites for things like this. One I found is Another is

    I STRONGLY urge you to do some of your own internet searching and find an online support group for patients and their families. When I had testicular cancer ten years ago, I was scared, of course, and being able to exchange information and experiences with other people who had gone through the same thing was one of the main things that got me through it.

    (NOTE: I don’t know why Yahoo chops off those URL’s but you can find them yourself by googling "colon cancer" "Stage 4" survival. )

  • Indian Guru

    well if she goes on regal treatment then the chances are less hen 3 percent. but if she do regular yoga hen her cervical rate should be more hen 40 percent.

    just a few days ago i read an interesing article on his subject on this site

  • busybee2

    my sister was diagnose in Apr. of 2004 at age 44 with stage 4 colon cancer that had metasticized into her lymph nodes and lungs. She was given an expectancy of 22 mths. She is still going, but is slowly losing the battle.

    My dad was diagnosed with colon cancer in July of 2007. His had already spread to his stomach lining, pelvic lining, liver, intestines and bowel..he died Sept. 5, 2007.

  • first of all dont listen to these stupid people, there is NO WAY they can tell about your mom, and stage 4 have a bleak survival rate BUT its not a death sentence, I know many many people who were given 6 months ( they say that based on past stats) but most of them are cancer free today, so just let the doctors do thier work and hope for the best

  • luckyems20

    Rather then send you to a website with information you could’ve looked up on your own a more simple way of saying things is that when something is stage 4 it means that the cancer has spread more then just in the colon. lymph nodes ect… other organs.. My uncle was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in 2003 with several surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, and study drug treatments he lived until December of 2007 finally dying after the cancer spread everywhere. The chance of it being CURED is almost nothing, but there is hope for living several years. My uncle Tony had more faith then any man I’d ever met, he fought with everything he had for those few years. He died 3 days before his 45th birthday. Up until a few days before he died he worked everyday. The most important thing is to believe in yourself to fight, and have supportive people around you. It can kill quickly, but I personally believe life ALWAYS has a chance. I’ll keep your mom in my prayers! I wish you the best of luck….

    PS- When my uncle was diagnosed they gave him 6 months to a year…. he lived four years.

  • Susan S

    Stage 4 of any cancer is bad news. Lance Armstrong survived Stage 4 testicular cancer, but that is a very curable cancer.
    For your mother, the chances of her surviving the cancer and the treatment are not very high, at any age.
    For Stage 4 colon cancer, the 5-year survival rate is 5%.

  • growinoldbutgr8

    I, like many others have experienced the devestation of colon cancer. My husband lasted 22 months and we traveled extensively so he could get the "latest and greatest" treatments. He even was a guinea pig for breaking clinical trials. He was the bravest man I know.

    My concern is for you though. Colon cancer is hereditary and now that your mom has been diagnosed, it may be time for you to get checked also. The same for your children, depending on their age. The government says to get screened after 50, but you would be surprised at the people who have inherited the gene that get cancer as early as their late teens and early twenties.

    Good luck to you.

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