Is mixing natural supplements safe to treat a uti?

After years if taking antibiotics that I seem to have grown resistant too. I am trying natural remedies to prevent the onset of a UTI. I am taking Dmannose, cranberry juice, oil of oregano, probiotics, and apple cider vinegar. Is it safe to take all of these together?
Thanks for the advice. I have been to a urologist because I get a UTI every single time I have sex. This has been going on for years. The doctors tell me that my anatomical structure is normal and I have never tested positive for E-coli so this is not a hygiene issue – and trust me, I have tried every precaution I can. The doctor told me to take a low dose antibiotic after sex and now that isn’t even working anymore so I am trying to explore other possibilities before I give up.


  • natpractitioner

    Yes, it is safe to take them together.

    As far as smelly’s uneducated guess, herbal/natural remedies as prescribed by a qualified naturopath are indeed
    — regulated as to strength and amount,
    — have been proven to be effective over centuries and by scientific studies
    — have certainly been tested for safety, as there are herbs that are illegal due to health concerns
    — have very specific dosage instructions
    — have specific usage indications and well-known contraindications [well known to qualified natural health professionals]
    –have specific and predictable amount of active ingredient per dose, and are available by prescription at pharmacies
    –are very effective, without many of the side effects of pharmaceuticals when used properly

  • smellygrrl

    the main difference between "natural remedies" and regular drugs which your doctor recommends are:

    natural remedies:
    – unregulated
    – untested and unproven effectiveness
    – untested for safety
    – non-specific dosing instructions
    – non-specific indications for use
    – unspecified and unpredictable amount of active ingredient per "dose"
    – if they work at all, they are still "drugs" and will have side effects

    regular drugs:
    – regulated
    – tested and proven safe at recommended dosage
    – tested for effectiveness for specified treatment
    – specific amount of active ingredient to allow for correct dosing
    – often derived from the same types of "natural" sources

    also "natural" is a worthless word in this context. arsenic and radon and lead and mercury and lots of other chemicals are natural but dangerous. it has nothing to do with how safe the drug is.

    drugs your doctor prescribes are often derived from the same natural sources, but only the specific effective ingredients have been extracted and are delivered to you in precise doses.

  • SkepDoc 2.0

    Effective…probably not.

    The real question you should be asking is why do you keep getting UTIs?? So many that now you are developing resistant strains to the common antibiotics. For anatomical reasons, women are more prone to UTI, especially after intercourse.

    If you get more than 1-2 a year you should probably be reviewed by a urologist or an ob-gyne. You may also want to review basic hygeine, especially after sex, with your doctor.

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