I hardly eat fruit BUT?

I love the juice! I juice almost everyday OR i buy a fruit smoothie (one of those organic healthy ones). Is this still healthy? I eat veggies but only peas, carrots, sprouts, cauliflower and potatoes.
yes, I know fruit contains natural sugar and that’s fine. I get my carbs and protein from other sources. I have a pretty good diet and I aim to exercise five times a week. I used to NEVER eat fruit until recently.


  • habibatAllah

    juice is good because it increases your fluid intake but as ur not consuming the fruit itself you are loosing the fibers and nutrients it offers plus if you eat the fruit your digestive system will be grateful. And don’t forget "an apple a day keeps the doctor away"

  • Yes drinking the juice is healthy, and you should aim for 5 portions of fruit and veg every day. All you veggies are fine but dont go overboard on the potatoes

  • cheekybear

    Fruit is good fibre but if you are eating veg on a regular basis you should be ok

  • branddxb

    i used to think drinking fruit juice is almost as healthy as the fruit. better than nothing. but no, it doesnt work that way. it is all carbs and makes you put on weight. and doesnt give you the "high" or the feel-goodness eating a fruit does. poataoes and peas – have in moderation. others as much as you want. in fact you can juice the veggies. try to eat 900 gms of veggies a day.

  • The Happy Murcia

    It`s actually better for you to eat the fruit than have it in a smoothie because of the breakdown in the cell structure and natural sugars which are released more slowly if you eat it. You can put 3/4 fruits in a smoothie but it will only ever count as 1 portion because it passes through the body to quickly……..

  • There are pros and cons to a juicer. It allows you to get several servings of fruit in alot less time that it would take for you to eat all of those fruits, so it’s good if you are limited on time. The only thing is, you don’t eat the pulp so you are missing out on the fiber that the fruit could have provided for you.
    I would guess that smoothies would be better than just juice because smoothies contain the whole fruit.
    But if you absolutely don’t like eating fruit, it is better than nothing. It is not "unhealthy".
    I think diets that are based on low-carb intake are unhealthy.

  • Monika

    well, it’s better than not having anything fruity at all. the homemade juce is especially healthy!!

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  • Amaunette

    Probably not. The good thing about eating fruit is that it also has fiber. The bad thing is it has lots of sugar. So in juice, what you get is the sugar without the fiber, otherwise known as empty calories. The other thing about purchased juice is that most of it really isn’t juice. It has other ingredients that make it taste good. Grape juice, for example, has very little actual juice. If you must drink juice, drink only one 8oz glass a day, and drink whole juice. A fruit smoothie also probably isn’t entirely fruit, but a small fruit smoothie will be more filling than an equal-sized container of juice. As long as your smoothie is ONLY fruit and ice, it’s probably better than juice, since you’re getting the fiber. Steer clear of smoothies made from ice cream or that have lots of added sugar (which does make it taste better).

  • Veggie

    The fruit juice is good, but you’re missing out the healthy solid fruit pieces which have loads of vitamins and minerals. Your vegetable selection also seems to be lacking in variety. It must be very boring indeed. You should try different vegetables and remember to eat your leafy greens.

  • tanisha120

    thats fine fruit has alot of natural sugar that can be bad for you so thats completely fine to do

  • yes. But juice has lot of sugar in. What i do is grate a pear with a grater. Then put the juice, and skin in a glass. Then puur fresh juice in, yum ;P

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