• Eat low fat foods. Trim off any excess fat. Avoid chicken skin. Limit fried foods. Exercise regularly.
    Porridge oats actually help lower cholesterol so this would be a good breakfast food.

  • Storkum

    whenever I buy stuff in the supermarket I look at the label an see how much fat.

  • The British Heart Foundation recently stated that nearly half the people who had heart attacks had high cholesterol. That means that OVER half the people who had heart attacks DIDN’T have high cholesterol.

    Cholesterol is NOT a predictor for heart attacks. So why control something that isn’t a good predictor of heart attacks?

    In fact, what has been shown (see the Framingham study) is that people with higher cholesterol live longer.

    The real issue with heart disease and cholesterol is when the total cholesterol to HDL cholesterol ratio is too high. It doesn’t matter how high your total cholesterol is so long as your (good) HDL cholesterol is sufficiently high to control it.

    How do you raise HDL cholesterol?

    Simple. You eat foods high in natural healthy sources of fat. Foods like eggs, nuts, eggs, fish, meat, butter, coconut oil, etc.

    That’s your best way of controlling your cholesterol and living longer.

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