Dr.Oz was on Oprah’s show and said Amazon Rainforest called Acai is cleansing colon that can help lose weight?

Does it work for those whom had tried it before? I am curious….But if not then what about any of cleansing colon product, and what was their side effects on ya?


  • vickiemay

    It does promote weight loss, in the fact that when your colon is cleansed it functions more productively. It will not be long term, by itself, healthy lifestyle as well has that kind of effect, but if your colon has buildup & partial blockages , stuff can’t through it right, so using the Acai berry treatment helps with immediate loss of a few pounds. Regular use promotes better colon health, keeps those same kind of pounds from returning. I haven’t heard of any side effects, due to it being a natural cleanser^.

  • justinl.forte

    There is actually a drink called MonaVie that contains acai berries in it.

  • Samurai

    I like Dr. Oz and I like Oprah. But if he had all of the answers, why is Oprah suffering with her health so much? I think that Acai is good. But all of your weight loss and cleansing issues will not be solved simply by eating that berry.
    You need to look into living a natural, healthful life.
    Best of luck.

  • magicalmagicman@sbcglobal.net

    yes it does simply put it even help suppress hunger and makes me personally urinate more you may have different side effects but the fruit is healthy

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