Do you feed you dog dry food?

Have you tried soaking it in hot water then allowing it to cool before feeding it. You will be amazed how much liquid it will absorb. Just think what happens in the dogs stomach if you had fed it dry, where does the moisture come from.?..
My Lab died of stomach cancer and although I know this didn’t cause it (I’ve had dogs all my life) it can’t have been beneficial.
Soak your dogs food and see what you think, also the dogs seem to prefer it fed warm.


  • MountainKat

    I have always mixed water into my dog’s food in order to create a "gravy" type juice for their dry food, plus it tends to slow down her eating because she loves to just gobble down her food.

  • I use cold water & yes my dog likes it better its also easy for old dogs to chew.

  • Fonzayyy

    I feed my dogs dry food and there is no problems. Never has been. Its actually not all that dry if you buy it fresh. Most of the big name brands you see in stores contain food that was made many months ago. if you get it when its fresh from a repuatable company, it is almost chewy. But I also allow my dog to hunt for his own food if he chooses which he does a few times a month.

  • Sorry about ur puppy loss 🙁 I use to feed my puppy dry dog food and I did the water trick with her food. Seriously though if u sit down and begin to read the label it is amazing. There are so many chemically altered ingredients there is no way in heck this stuff is what dogs should be eating! So I switched to feeding my dog chicken and beef – a much more "wild" diet and surprisingly round about the same price as the kibble if u know how to shop around!

  • melissa

    I feed my dog dry food

  • Finnigan

    i do feed my dog kibble and i also feed him wet food … that is one of the benefits of wet food, the added moisture makes the dog feel fuller faster and aids in digestion … when my dog eats the kibble he usually follows it with a drink of water …

  • Darren

    Give dog dry food is okey

  • kristendw78

    Yes I feed my dogs dry dog food. They get Bil-Jac food. Its different than most foods out there. Instead of ballooning up 3x the original size, it breaks down within 10 minutes or so. Makes it much easier to digest, and its not sitting in the dogs stomach all bloated up. Its also slow cooked so it retains the natural fat from the chicken, which makes it taste even better. Other foods spray fat on it after its cooked.

  • un puerquita en falda blanca

    My dog eats raw meat. I hate how kibble causes cancer in dogs… So upsetting. 🙁

  • I’d imagine that the moisture comes from the dog’s saliva. Same as humans.

    I just give my dog wet food on special occasions like a holiday or after a vet visit, just because she loves it so much and can’t get enough of it.

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