Can thyroid genetics cure starvation in Africa?

So many morbidly obese people claim to eat very little yet gain weight from a thyroid condition. If this is true, couldn’t their genetic coding be implanted in starving children in Africa and result in thousands of plump yet destitute babies able to survive on a few grains of rice?

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  • Cath-Season's Greeting's

    NURSE HERE….. too many people blame their weight on thyroid when they forget to include all their closet eating…. That is food they eat that other people don’t see them eating…. I don’t care how out of whack your thyroid is ,that is not the ONLY reason they are 200-300+ pounds.

    As far as your question the children would still stave to death because they are not eating the protein etc. that they need to live. The best thing to help the staving children is sterilization of the men & woman after the FIRST born. It may sound cruel but think of how many lives you would/are saving…

    Here is a chart and they brag because the birth rate is lower… look how many kids Africa is STILL giving birth to ….

    Birth rates have fallen fastest in Asia and have been lowest in Sub-Saharan Africa.

    Regional Fertility Rates:

    Sub-Saharan Africa: 5.2 children per woman
    The Middle East, North Africa and South Asia: between 3.3 and 3.4 children per woman
    Central Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean: between 2.5 and 2.6 children per woman
    E. Asia and Pacific: 2.1 or less children per woman

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