Anyone gone through thyroid surgery lately?

I was diagnosed with a hyperactive thyroid about 18 months ago. Because I felt fine for many months and was going through other things at the time, I just blew it off. Big mistake. My thyroid gland grew so large that I ended up with a racing heartrate, extremely dry, flaky skin that itched so bad I thought about killing myself over it, extreme fatigue and problems with concentration.

After not having a good night’s sleep for almost eight months, I drug myself to an endocrinologist. When medication didn’t work, I ended up in a surgeons office, who advised me that untreated thyroid conditions can tax the heart so much, it can make you go into heart failure! I’m now one week post-op, and even though I’m still building up my stamina, I can’t begin to tell you how much better I feel! It will take months for my skin to recover, but my concentration is back on track, my heartrate has returned to normal and I sleep like a dream! Please don’t ever ignore a diagnosis like I did.


  • HarleyMan

    Mine was a total thyroidectomy due to cancer.

    I can’t say I felt better after surgery as fast as you have. I had to go through letting mine completely die then radiation then medication ups and downs. I would say it took almost a year before I felt sain again. Of course when I had mine taken out Menopause hit at the same time. Go figure!

    Your brain does not know you have a thyroid. Your body does. I never knew that and was frustrated over my weight gain and up’s and down’s. I still have some days where I just don’t feel good. But it goes away. I know it is my body talking and not my head.

    It is a good thing you had it checked and taken care of.

    You did not mention if it was total or partial. Are you on thyroid medication? If so make sure you keep track of how you feel with it. My Oncologist says it is better to run high normal than level on your thyroid levels.

    Good luck to you.

  • petrel

    yes but mine was in the parathyroid glands. there are 4 of them within the thyroid and i had 3 removed. any kind of thyroid problem can mess up your life completely, so i know what you mean about skin problems and heart disease. i had ventricular tachycardia, from which most people don’t recover but i had a defibrillator implanted and life seems to be back to normal now.
    so let me reiterate your warning —– never ignore thyroid problems. they can kill you thankyou for sharing your experience.

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