a question about cholesterol?

what are the symptoms of someone who has high cholesterol?
after you do a blood test how long does it take to get back your results?

thanks for all the help.


  • Jane S


    Will you confront your doctor on the fact that saturated fat restriction and dietary cholesterol lowering has not saved even one single life in all of the randomized clinical dietary intervention studies to date?

  • purplegirl

    There can be no symptoms at all…it takes a blood test to see what the cholesterol levels are.

    There are signs that can lead you to think cholesterol may be a problem…things like obesity, high fat diet, lack of exercise…but these are very general signs that go with other problems as well.

  • Fyyaz K

    fatigue . breathlesness on over exertion, climbing sairs , walking long over sweating , and some time Angina .because of arteries occulation lipid profile is helpful for LDL HDL and cardiac risk ratio

  • There usually are not any signs at all until it becomes a serious problem (when you’re at risk for heart attack or stroke.) Those symptoms are chest pain, chest tightness, shortness of breath, feeling weak, feeling fatigued, dizziness, pain/tingling in your neck, jaw, left shoulder and left arm (possibly going down your arm).
    You need to take blood tests to know your cholesterol levels.

    I live in Canada, here it can take up to two weeks depending on how important it is compared to other patients. It can be done in two days though. It depends if the place where you get the blood work done has the facilities to run the tests on site or if they have to send them out some where else. max 2 weeks.

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