which form of birth control is best for your health?

i have heard that some forms of birth control cause mood swings,weight gain, severe migraines and in some cases in heavier women it can cause spinal fluid build up…which form of birth control is best for your health?


  • shellbugger

    My hubby and I attended a Natural Family Planning class, (which we never applied to our life) ~ I would suppose it would be the best birth control for your health (aside from abstinance!)
    Natural Family Planning (NFP) refers to natural methods used for avoiding or achieving pregnancy which are based on a couple’s awareness of the woman’s naturally occurring times of fertility and infertility. http://www.familyministries.org/nfp.htm

  • Decoy Duck

    Ironically, an aspirin between your knees would be the safest birth control for your health.

  • kissybertha

    all birth control is synthetic. the best for your health is abstinence for birth control.

  • ima.....

    Low estrogen.

  • Natural Birth control is the best one…. i am using the same method… its healthy … without tablets and medicine….. and my wife is so happy with that…. even if the sperms stay in they doesnt effect work.

  • Ash W

    Trial and error

    It depends on the way the individual reacts to different treatments. Everybody is different. For me I experienced heavy painful periods and migraines off the pill, and since being on it I only experience migraines (which is an improvement). There are different types of the pill and it is just a matter of seeing if they work for you. If not there are other things you can do. You should talk to your GP about it.

  • Vegan_Treehugger

    I agree with abstinence. Well, when my husband and I decided to no longer use birth control, as we decided it wasn’t natural, God blessed us with a baby, whom we’re eagerly awaiting to meet in a month and a half. Prior to our marriage, we were abstinent.

  • Robin B

    Not all birth control will make you gain weight, although, being an assistant to a GYN, I have seen it happen, a lot. The best non hormonal birth control is a diaphragm, it gives the protection with out the chemicals. You still need to use condoms though, to protect you from std’s, no matter what kind of birth control you use ! unless you are married and sure of your partner. never think it can’t happen to you. !! As far as the spinal fluid build up, I have never heard of that happening,. no matter the weight of the woman, when taking BCP’s.

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