What is the most effective Colon Cleanser over the counter?

I’m in a contest with my husband. He has always been overweight, and I recently became overweight with the birth of our third child. (all born within a 3-year period.) The contest ends on January 1st (and we hope that the weight lost by then will be motivating enough to keep us going.) and I heard that colon cleaning can be a great kickstart to any diet.

We’re doing this all natural with a change of diet and exercise. No pills involved except for Colon cleansing. So I’m wondering what I can buy at GNC or some other drug or health food store.


  • Bob G

    whitney, colon cleansing is a scam. they market it with bupkis like "john wayne had 30lbs of undigested food in his colon when he died" he also had digestive issues associated with cancer.
    unless you have major consitpation issues, cleanses do nothing.

  • Kyleigh

    I found out a few weeks ago that surplus weight is not always thanks to surplus body fat, a lot of extra weight is just lying around in your pipes. I tested a new supplement that’s taking the nation by storm, it flushes out your pipes. I do not understand how it does it, but I understand that I lost seventeen lbs and 5 inches off of my midriff! There is a risk free trial at http://zilant.freelightpro.info

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