Is there a way to clear up acne with natural remedies?

Is there a way to clear up acne and bumps on your face without having to use some acne medicine (sometimes those make acne worse or doesn’t work at all.) My left cheek has a lot of bumps while my other cheek doesn’t. I don’t know why, but I hate it. Is there another way to get rid of acne/bumps without acne medicine?

Thanks you, much appreciated. 🙂


  • Cowrie

    Try tea tree oil or witch hazel- they’re both natural and may help to clear your acne. Research them-they have been known to work wonders on some people. Or, you could go to a health food shop, they will usually contain natural acne remedies made up of ingredients like this. Good luck:)

  • blahblueblack

    If it is particularly sore do not pop, if the blackheads & such are alright squeeze them out (all that happens is it builds up if left most times). After doing this wash your face, tea tree oil is good if it burns your skin dilute it down with some water.

    I personalyl found the best was a change in diet (vegetarianism hugely improved my skin), washing my face nightly with mint/tea tree oil & exfoliating gloves (gently scrub) + drinking much more water.
    There is no direct link that any particular food aggrevates acne, but doctors advise patients to avoid if they notice eg chocolate irritates their skin.

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