Help needed wife is 16 weeks pregnant and is constipated?

Hi, my wife is 1 weeks plus and is constipated we had been to doc and she asked my wife to take in prune juice every night, since we are new to gateshead i searched in ASDA could not find any prune juice. Please help me where i could get prune juice is it available in TESCO, kindly help


  • zlosnica_13

    Dark Karo that would work great as well, did that when I was pregnant, and it worked wonders.

  • Lost in Space

    Have your wife drink one teaspoon of Dark Karo Syrup, in a drink of some sort, if you can’t find the prune juice. That’s what I did early on in pregnancy.

  • mona lisa

    why not get her some prunes instead will probably work better and you can buy prunes anywhere have not seen much of prune juice.

  • Princess Ayesha

    orange juice

    worked every time for me!

  • [BUMP] Coming July '09

    What is TESCO? Prune juice should be at any grocery store. Constipation is a normal part of pregnancy.

  • only1bub

    You can find prune juice in the baby food section – they have it for babies because they get constipated easily – I’ve never found any in the juice aisle.

    Also, pears and peaches could also help with that problem…chili? 🙂

  • Looks like you are in UK. I have no idea abt the stores there, but here in US its very easily available. Try searching in more stores, it should be there in the juice section.
    Tell your wife to have more fibres in her food like fruits, fruit juices, wheat chapati, oats and lots of water. I too had constipation initially but now since I’ve started drinking lots of water, I dont even need to take prune juice (which is lying in my fridge).
    You could also ask her doctor next time. Her dr. will know where you can get the juice.

  • Sophia & Hazel's Mommy

    Apple juice will work just as well.

  • Lyllian Fayleen

    Also, try and get some more fiber in her diet. More veggies and whole grains will help. 🙂

    You can also check with your doctor about metamucil.

  • I also suffered from constipation earlier on in my pregnancy …
    My doctor suggested Fybogel Sachets – You can get them in any Pharmacy! …. and they did help!!
    But my Doctor did say the she would prefer if I could increase the Fibre in my diet – eat more fruit and veg, drink orange juice, eat cereals high in fibre etc!

    Best of Luck!

  • LouBelle

    Tesco sell prune juice. You can find it with all the cartons of fruit juice.

  • jude_caryer

    Porridge is also wonderful for alleviating constipation and for keeping regular once it’s resolved.

    I also find that dried apricots work very well.

    Just go online and do your food ordering there – Tesco Direct or Asda should be able to supply you with no problem.

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