Girls only! about a man's sexual need for good health?

I want a honest view from Girls on this.
1) Do you believe (as doctors do) that a man’s health is very dependent on his sexual fulfillment? If so, what do you think is the minimum frequency that he requires?
2) Off course it is understandable that a good sex-life definitely adds value to a relationship, but is sex as essential to girls as it is to boys – in terms of health? What do you think?
3) If you have a very loving partner and your sex drive is not as high as his, will you involve in sexual activities for the sake of his fulfillment and good health?


  • soulassassin432

    1) Sex is actually good for your health and makes you feel better by releasing "happy chemicals" in the brain. This prevents depression. I don’t think there is a minimum, as it depends on the persons sex drive and what their partner is willing to give and receive.
    2) Sex is very important to a girls health for the same reasons, especially for the emotional attachment, the feeling of being loved etc. This is all to do with mental health again!
    3) If your partners sex drive is lower than yours I think you need to come to a comprimise. Sex should never be about "doing it when I don’t want to…but to make him happy" (or vice versa). I wouldn’t really say "I want sex for my health" is a great reason to give to your partner (except as a joke maybe!). In a serious sexual relationship you need to comprimise so that both people are getting what they want.

  • kristi

    it mainly depends on u wat type of sex u preffer

  • Just Thinking

    There is no minimum or maximum each persons drive varies, if your and you partners drive differs then you need to resolve the issue, "just doing it" isn’t fun for either party, if you aren’t into it try an alternative a hand or oral but don’t just do it, it sounds as if you just have sex instead of making love maybe you should try making love instead its more fulfilling and the afterglow lasts much longer.Oh and its important to both sexes, because it releases all those feel good hormones.

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