baby with high thyroid results?

My daughter is 6 months old she has had her thyroid tested 4 times since she has been born it has been too high………the doctor said she should be ok but yesterday I took her to a different doctor because she had a cold and she told me that one of her eyes sticks out more than the other and asked me if I have had her thyroid tested………should I be worried …..has anyone ever had this happen to their baby?
her doctor talked to an Endocrinologist from the University of Iowa and said that the results were high but not high enough to worry about.

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  • Grecian girl

    When you say levels are too high – are you referring to the TSH levels?
    If her eyes are sticking out, she may be "hyperthyroid" meaning her thyroid is overactive but her levels of TSH would present very low.
    I don’t know much about thyroid disease in a baby. I have thyroid disease but am an adult.
    Thyroid disease is common and can be successfully treated. You don’t die from it(if that is what you are concerned about).
    I would suggest you go back to your doctor and ask for a referral to see an Endocrinologist who specialises in endocrine diseases.
    You need to find out if your baby has some underlying thyroid condition. It may not be permanent.
    If your baby has an overactive thyroid, it would be losing weight(despite eating) and her skin will feel moist and sweaty.
    She would probably have a fast heartbeat as well.
    If her thyroid is underactive, she would probably be a little heavier and may be carrying extra fluid. She may be tired all the time. Her skin may be pale and dry.
    Try not to worry.
    The best person to speak to is your doctor or pediatrician.
    Good luck and I hope she will get better and continue to do well.
    Take care.

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