Am i lowering my cholesterol level?

Lately ive been doing calisthenics inside the house, but the sweat doesnt seem to come out as when its summer or very little. Do you need to perspire to lower bad cholesterol??


  • footodors

    No, to lower cholesterol you need to cough during or after exercise. This will loosen up cholesterol so it can be excreted by your liver.
    So remember, cough cough cough!!!

  • bledi d

    Exercise (especially that makes you sweat) is good to lower cholesterol, because it puts your body and blood in movement. Therefore the metabolism is increased and more chances to lower cholesterol you have.

    However, exercise does not work alone. There are a variety of lifestyle changes you can make (like diet or quitting bad habits) that will make your cholesterol go down and you will keep healthy.

    Good luck!

  • Anthony

    The best way to lower cholesterol naturally is by eating right and exercising.

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