WTF!!! Colon Cleanse???

Are they good for you? What does it exactly do? And what kind of doctor would I see for this?


  • nightress7

    they are good for you. but when you do one be sure that you eat nutrient enriched foods. no sense to cleanse the colon if you’re gonna put bad stuff right back in it. you don’t need a dr. for it. you can buy it over the counter. best selections are at a health food store. good luck!

  • exputkimies

    its a scam. all it does it make you poop lots

  • Take yogurt everyday, you will be cleansed from your mouth down all the way to your anus without so much trouble. Beside that you will be healthy by taking the yogurt. Read all you want to know from the internet about the health benefits of yogurt.

  • Bri-B☮

    Don’t do a specific colon cleanse, those are ripoffs. Eating healthy, whole, unprocessed foods will help keep you healthy. For a colon cleanse get a colonic instead.

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