Tips for shopping for health insurance??

I have no clue about shopping for health insurance but i just go married so they kicked me off of my mom’s… any advice would be greatly appreciated!!! I’m gonna need something with maternity and dental anyone have any good policies or companies you recommend?



    The best way to attain health insurance is through employment.Buying individual health policies are not only expensive but they also have limitations that larger groups don’t have.Blue Cross Blue Shield has an open enrollment every year for individual policies but the deductible is extremely high around $2500-$3000 yearly.If you buy insurance through an employer they not only pay half the premium the yearly deductible is a lot lower $250-$500 yearly.There are allot of companies out there that say they offer health insurance but it falls short of adequate coverage.The true tell tale to any policy is its exclusions.You should always read the exclusions before buying any insurance product.There are a few companies that underwrite true major medical policies.Blue Cross Blue Shield,Aetna and United Health Care are Three of the largest most reputable insurers.Make certain for the coverage you are looking for you are buying a Major Medical Policy and not anything else.Do not fall for Aflac or an accident plan as Medical.Do not fall for the Hospital Indemnity plan either.If you look at the three companies I mentioned you should find what you need at a premium of course.


    Make sure that you stick with large and trusted health insurance companies like United Healthcare, Aetna, Blue Cross, Humana, etc. and stay away from limited benefit plans and discount plans.

    Keep in mind that although individual health insurance purchased on the open market is much cheaper than a group health insurance plan you will have to pay extra for maternity coverage as most individual plans do not automatically cover maternity.

    Shop around and compare quotes from at least 3 different reputable companies before you decide to purchase. Here is some information with 7 steps to finding cheaper health insurance:

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    I can’t recommend any specific plans, but it’s important to keep in mind how much you plan to make when looking at prices, comparing plans, and being very specific about what you will need coverage for. I attached an article with some tips for shopping for health insurance, hope it helps!

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