Natural home remedies for chest, lung infection?

I’ve had a cough for about a month now. Went to the doctor 1.5 weeks ago, he diagnosed me with walking pneumonia, prescribed me a Z-pack, and sent me on my way. I coughed less but even after taking the antibiotics, I felt fatigued and still not well. I went back, got an x-ray (which showed no pneumonia, nor a pleural effusion) and was prescribed a different antibiotic. I’m almost at the end of that antibiotic and while I feel slightly better, I still tire quickly and still have a cough that occasionally produces a whitish mucus. I can feel the infection/liquid in my lungs when I breathe out hard – it’s like someone’s blowing bubbles through a straw, only it’s in my lungs. So besides thinking I might need to find a new doctor, I was wondering if anyone knew natural remedies for lung infections? Thanks, I appreciate any help.


  • Janet S

    If it were me, I would be relieved by the whitish mucus–it indicates you are well on the way to full recovery. Your viral infection is a tough one and has really depleted your body’s resources. If you aren’t already taking a natural multivitamin, this would be a good time. Specific for viral infection is elderberry extract, aka sambucus nigra. Zinc & vitamin C (as calcium ascorbate) will help your immune system. Mullein tea is good to clear the lungs; try to get down 2 cups a day & sweeten w/honey for the health properties in it. Probiotics will help if you are also battling an overgrowth of candida, caused by the antibiotic therapy. Candida can definitely contribute to the tiredness. Try to stay away from sugar & simple starch as you recover, because these can feed Candida & counter your body’s effort to fight infection.

  • VitaTree

    It is always best to seek the advice of a qualified practitioner. You may consider seeing a naturopathic doctor to evaluate what is going on in your lungs, then offer a natural solution.

    Proven herbs for the lungs include: horehound, lobelia, garlic, echinacea (some of which are toxic at high doses and should be prescribed in the right amounts.)

    Externally using Eucalyptus essential oil on the chest can also work wonders.

    You may be deficient in probiotics, that could be why the infection is not clearing quickly. Be sure to get a live probiotic made for human consumption, like VitaTree Probiotics human strain. For more info visit

  • Wangurazz

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  • natpractitioner

    From your description, it sounds like the antibiotic did indeed clear up the pneumonia. Unfortunately, even after pneumonia is cleared up, your body is still very weak and your immune system has been under great stress fighting the infection, thus the weakness.

    What I would suggest is that you drink sage tea [salvia officianalis] to clear up the mucous remaining in your lungs. You must also get plenty of rest and try to drink plenty of clear fluids like water, tea, apple juice, etc. Hot showers that produce a lot of steam are also helpful.

    Good luck!

  • jbsikes


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