Have tonsillitis what should I eat/drink?

I have tonsillitis my throat is very sore. It hurts just to drink water what can I eat/drink. I no dairy is bad. Also any home remedies? I currently on pain killers naproxen and co codamol for muscle pain which is caused by a virus now the throat part of virus is here. Also taking tyrozets lozenges. Can’t get hold of doctor today or tomorrow plus most likely not going to get antibiotics because its a virus anyway
I thought ice cream was bad cause milk products cause more Mucus to develop


  • MRS. A.

    Warm soups, juices, lots of fluids.

  • Shane

    ice cream its cold it soothes your throat

  • Littleredcherrybee

    warm water and honey


    You might be taken leaves of acacia arabica,
    Gum of acacia arabica and Catechu for tonsils.
    All should be chewing in mouth.

    Our metabolism problems is responsible for tonsillitis.
    Therefore take care with these tips for balanced stomach.

    Awake in morning should sleep on stomach.
    Keep your weight of whole body on stomach.
    Make body shape as boat . And move up and down.
    head and feet as boat driven. Just you might be
    go to WC. It’s useful exercise for stomach problems.
    Should be make it your diurnal routine.
    it’s could be strength our stomach.

    Make Bhrstika Pranayam

    sorry about my grammar.

  • Robert

    the ice cream answer ia right,when i was ten (a very long time ago) i had a bad Fever and the doc told my mother that ice cream would keep the swelling down and it was the best medicine i have ever had

  • Esther

    Hi, Chosy. If you are finding it difficult to swallow a bolus of food because of the muscular action involved , your only option is fluids. You need to drink lots of citrus fruit juice because of the vitamin C content. You may also like to rub some table salt onto your tonsils using your middle finger. To do this you need to wet it first then dip it into the salt, which will then stick to your finger; you then gently apply it to your tonsils one at a time; then close your mouth & feel its action. Repeating this in1-2 or 2-3 hours is recommended. You may swallow the saliva secreted. This will help kill the causative organisms by denaturing their nucleus. Lozenges I don’t think is helpful for tonsillitis because it does not get anywhere near them. Antibiotic is ineffective if virus is the causative organism. Relying on your immune system also helps & this you do by increasing the blood supply to the area by using hot water bottle on your ears & end of your jaw bones. Ice cream feeds the causative organisms hence more mucus is produced. Milk shake from a straw is ok. As the pain gets better, you can start eating light & easily digestible food of any choice & on to normal food. I Hope this remedy is helpful.

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