Doc says I have hyperactive thyroid? High potassium? Help!?

My doctor was worried about my weight and did some testing, He found out I have hyperactive thyroid and high potassium(which I have no clue if this is bad or not) but I have no energy lately. Yesterday felt like a cloud. He said he needed more blood to do some more testing to make sure I dont have a tumor or something like that on my thyroid. I gave more blood and he hasnt got back to me yet. But the first time he called me real quick. Whats going on with me? Whats a hyperactive thyroid? What should i be doing in the meantime? And whats wrong with high potassium? I am a 24 year old Woman. Thanks.

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  • Elle Bee

    Hyperthyroidism (a HYPERactive thyroid) could be caused by any one of several causes. The most common cause is Graves Disease, an autoimmune condition. Other causes include tumors called adenomas or certain kinds of goiters (swollen thyroid gland). You need further testing so that the doctor can know how best to treat you.

    Symptoms of hyperthyroidism include heart palpitations, anxiety, weight loss (or rarely, weight gain), increased appetite, increased urination, oily skin, sweating, irritability, protrusion of the eyeball (called exophthalmos), and/or fatigue/exhaustion. You may have all or none of these symptoms.

    Common treatments for hyperthyroidism include "anti-thyroid" medications, which slow down the secretion of thyroid hormone; beta blockers to deal with the effect of hyperthyroidism on the heart; taking radioactive medication to destroy part of your thyroid gland to lower hormone production; and in the case of tumors, surgery.

    If your doctor actually said you have a HYPOactive thyroid (hypothyroidism), none of the above applies to you. Symptoms of hypothyroidism include weight gain, hair loss, cold hands and feet, heat intolerance, exhaustion, and dry skin. If this is the case, it’s likely that all you’ll need is a pill every morning.

    As for what high potassium (also called hyperkalemia) means, it really depends on how high it is. See the wikipedia article for more details. I would trust my doctor to handle that one if I were you.

    I would also call the doctor back if he doesn’t call you within a reasonable time period (say, within a few business days after the second round of bloodwork).

    Hope you’re able to feel better soon!

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