cholesterol question?

Is eating pasta bad for our cholesterol level and if we have high cholestrol shoud we not eat it-and what are some good things too eat if yiu have high cholesterol?


  • Deanne

    hello, no pasta isn’t bad for your cholesterol, things like butter, mayo, red meat, whole milk, ice cream, high fat cheesethings that are fatty aren’t good for cholesterol…..

    things that are good for someone with high cholesterol are fish, chicken, lean meat, vegetables, fruits, brown rice, nuts (even though they have fat its GOOD fat) whole grains.

    replace whole milk with skim, high fat ice cream with lowfat frozen yogurt or sorbets. try eating oatmeal everyday and cheerios i hear those really help.

    there are these vitamins that are good, they are called omega 3, 6, 9 you can get them at no i do not sell them nor am i affliated with this company. i have high cholesterol i take them myself 🙂

  • blackfangz

    Cholesterol is closely linked to the consumption of saturated fat. Pasta has no saturated fat and is a decent source of protein and carbohydrates. Add some olive or canola oil and you have a source of healthy unsaturated fats as well.

    Pasta has very little influence on cholesterol levels, but is a healthy meal that contains no exacerbating ingredients.

    Go for it, but watch what you add to it. Some cheeses and most red meat are loaded with saturated fat. For for a classic tomato sauce or use chicken, fish and no fat cheese for a tasty meal.

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