C4 Heston Blumenthal. Is the baked bean the epitome of English Breakfast Cuisine?

I’m watching C4 Little Chef programme, and it seems that the baked bean is the ne plus ultra of English Breakfasts. Comments, please


  • gobshite

    Give me bake beans everytime with my fry up……the juice waters down the fat

  • Toast is number one, eggs second and bacon third. Baked beans are about 10th!

  • helmouth2001

    Yeah I’m watching it, and I agree with the majority, a full English Breakfast needs baked beans, it goes so well with bacon, eggs, toast..

  • simm101

    To me the baked bean holds no place on a true full English and never will.

  • i think beans get in the way..i like to add a splodge of tommy ketchup and brown sauce to the dish…yum!!

  • fredhall123@yahoo.co.uk

    Whatever it is Mr. Heston doesn’t know. Little Chef will have to get someone who is commercial.

  • kaznaid

    I like baked beans but not for breakfast!

    My husband does the best cooked brekkie …. Irish sausages, rashers, black pudding, eggs, mushrooms, fried soda bread, tomatoes and fried potatoes. He does beans too but not for me!


  • James M

    I only ever see baked beans at breakfast time when I visit certain guest houses when travelling. I have porridge and tea for breakfast or, occasionally, toast and tea. Little Chef catered for lorry drivers who have quite a large appetite, so I wouldn’t judge the whole of the UK on what a few of them might eat.

  • oldgit

    Hi Foggy, watched it last night last night but not tonight. I’ve never had any time for Little Chef. I’d rather make make us some decent sandwiches etc. and save a few bob as well!

    Didn’t have much time for Blumentwit either!

    As to your question, I don’t do the full English any more myself, doctor’s orders! But I don’t let a baked bean anywhere near it when I make it for others.

    Nothing wrong with the beans of course, but the syrup they are served in is an abomination.

  • mrsgsaysCOOLIOisnobully!

    I am a tomato fan myself, but members of my family prefer baked beans with the full english, as did the 99.9% of the LC customers, when I was manageress of one in the 80’s!

    Beans do have a HIGH FIBRE count mind!
    So why not add them?

  • mysilv

    I liked Hestons breakfast tonight and he was fighting to keep the beans off the breakfast plate but popular demand seems to want them there. The one thing I would leave off is the black pudding but thats personal.

    Can’t stand that Ian Pegler, Chief Exec he’s an ex Marks and Spencers and Dixons fat cat and he was with Little Chef back in the 90’s when it was run by Forte. He seems to be on his own ego trip and wants to pinch Hestons ideas for the new menu without acknowledging him.

    I think Heston was right to walk away tonight feeing like he had been used as a marketing ploy. That Pegler guy should be sacked and by the size of his belly he’s been eating too many Olympic Breakfasts.

    Anne is the pride of Popham at the moment having done her training at the Fat Duck and now she can serve up Hestons ‘new’ Olympic Breakfast with pride……… if Jo will let her and it looks like she will get her way and the Baked Beans will be on the plate…can’t wait for tomorrows episode..Jacx

  • ♥ bEx ♥

    not a lover of baked beans i would choose a tomato anyday , but my kids will always have the beans instead of tomatoes

  • LYNBOP 4

    NO WAY !!!! The Dippy Egg is by far" The British Brekkie" ! & with a regiment of "buttered soldiers"

  • I will always go for tomatoes, in most decent Hotels where they cook your breakfast fresh they don’t give you the choice of beans, only tomatoes.

    But in places like Little Chef and road side Cafe’s people will always want beans.

  • ♥ Celeb BB - Beaver Diva Sue ♥

    I love Baked Beans on toast and don’t mind them as a filling in Jacket Potatoes but not keen on them or brekkie like others would rather have a grilled tomato !

  • Happy Murcia

    Personally I hate the things but it has to be included,

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