Will this make homemade alcohol?

If i just say got some apple juice and added suagr and yeast would it make alcohol. How long would i brew it for and how much of everything would i add. Plus should i keep it air tight


  • Richard English

    It will – all fermentations will make alcohol. But if you want to make a decent drink, then follow a recipe, using the correct ingredients and equipment. There is plenty of recipes online for drinks based on apples and apple juice.

    Take no notice of those who talk about methyl alcohol – you won’t get that from normal fermentation – you’d need to distill your finished drink.

    The worst that could happen is that your wort will get infected and turn into vinegar – but stick to a proper recipe and you’ll be fine.

  • Robert D

    You need to keep out oxygen but it would explode if you stoppered it!.

    Look up ‘wine making recipes’ to find out more. Or Cider in the case of apples.

    And ignore Dave below. It is called ‘home brewing’. Millions do it.

  • I strongly advise you to stop experimentign with this. If you don’t have professional equipment or experience, methyl acohol can build up in the process which is toxic!

    You can get blind or even die from drinking too much! Please do more research on this


  • Fred3663

    Yes, yeast and sugar will make alcohol, if the apple juice has been treated with sulphites it could kill the yeast, when fermenting the Co2 has to be released, but airborne spoilers must be kept out.

  • Frank

    Home brewers use particular kinds of yeast, not just the yeast that happens to be floating around the room. Robert doesn’t understand that. Dave does.

    If you use just the yeast that is floating around the room, you will get alcohol. You will get ethyl alcohol. You will get methyl alcohol. You’ll even get a little n-butyl alcohol.

    The problem is that ethyl alcohol is the kind of alcohol that you call just "alcohol", but methyl alcohol is highly toxic to brain cells.

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