Which is your favourite spirit, Vodka or Rum, and why?

Plus what is your favourite cocktail involving that spirit in it’s recipe


  • melouofs

    I prefer the rum drinks because they’re usually fruity concoctions they serve in the islands–oh, paradise. My favorite drink is the pina colada or mango daqueri.

    I have to say, though, I’m a big fan of Southern Comfort w/oj and pineapple juice with a float of Galliano.

  • Big Phat Cobra

    Vodka, cause it rocks with orange juice
    in case you can’t put it together, a screw driver

  • <Imitatio Dei>

    Captain morgan… Goes down easy and actually TASTES good…

  • grappa

    Vodka and diet coke. My fave used to be vodka and cranberry but that is sometimes hard to get at pubs near me.

  • Parrothead

    Vodka, it doesn’t have much flavor so it is good to mix with other things and not taste it.

    Pomegranate Cosmo
    1 tub CRYSTAL LIGHT Immunity Cherry Pomegranate Flavor Drink Mix 1 qt. (4 cups) water 1 cup vodka 1 cup light cranberry juice cocktail 1/4 cup lime juice 1/4 cup orange juice ice cubes

  • killi

    Vodka because it can practically be mixed with anything. It does not send off a Strong smell (as apposed to bourbon), and you are less likely to vomit if you happen to have 1 too many.

  • PAUL G

    Gin – for the desired effect

  • Nikki Romero

    i prefer vodka because its really good with redbull or sprite. my drink though is long island iced tea

  • Vodka because I don’t like Rum.

  • toataua_raema

    VODKA – you can mix it with more than just coke. Go the fizzys/ juice/ other alcohol. Me?? Go the lemonade and whatever cordial is in the cupboard LOL


  • its sofiaa duhh

    vodka too.
    because i can mix stuff into it.

  • dukemack

    Rum, but not the spletch we usually see in the US. A quality aged rum, served on the rocks or neat. No mixers, fruit, umbrellas or other junk.

  • chad c

    you can keep your vodka and rum. i’ll have some whiskey.

  • Susan F

    Vodka. Great to mix or ice cold straight.

  • Gemma F

    Whiskey, just to be awkward – on it’s own

  • nathg92.praguecz

    I totally agree with Killi.

    I prefer vodka, as if doesn’t give off that repugnant odour the day after. The smell does not "stick" to you as rum does.

    Vodka can be mixed with a lot of stuff, so the combinations are endless . . .

  • Batareikin aka. Bull Goose Loony

    I quit drinking a long time ago, but when I used to, hey, I’m from Russia, so vodka was the drink of my choice. As for cocktails – I preferred to drink it pure (proper Russian style ;-). There is one cocktail, though, called "Rusty tank" or "Rusty bomber". WARNING: DON’T DRINK IT IF YOU’VE GOT HEART PROBLEMS! MAX 2 COCKTAILS PER EVENING! You’ll need 0.5l (1 pint) beer glass.
    1). Throw a LOT of ice;
    2). Put espresso in (that’s why we need a lot of ice – to cool it down);
    3). 50g of vodka;
    4). 1 "Red bull".


  • 687SPV

    Woods Rum

    Drink it straight.

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