What type of internal cleansing products or compounds have any of you used? I would like recommendations.?

I would like to do a colon cleanse or any other cleansing regimen that might be beneficial to good health.


  • kiss_a

    I use OxyPowder. The stuff works so great. I get it from a guy on eBay for the best price I’ve found. He has lots of good info about how & why it works. Basically putting oxygen into your digestive track, melting the crud away. Cleans you out with no cramping. I now buy in bulk & take it just for maintenance or after I’ve eaten a heavy meal. I copied some info on it for you. Hope it helps you make your decision.

    Oxy-Powder® helps to gently cleanse, flush, and detoxify your colon without the dangerous and embarrassing side effects of laxatives and herbal colon cleansers!

    Oxy-Powder® is a scientifically formulated oxygen colon cleanser used to safely aid the body in relieving the irritation and constipation associated with a toxic colon. A clean, toxin-free, intestinal tract is the beginning of maintaining optimal health.

    Benefits of Oxy-Powder®:

    Some of the many benefits of Oxy-Powder® include:

    Helps Restore Regularity
    Cleanses, Refreshes, and Detoxifies
    Eliminates Build Ups That Clog Your Colon
    Promotes Renewed Vitality
    Promotes A Healthy Immune System
    Promotes Maximum Absorption Of Vital Nutrients
    What makes Oxy-Powder® so different from other colon cleansers?
    What makes Oxy-Powder® so unique is its ability to clean the entire 25-30 feet of the digestive tract. It’s designed to clean, oxidize and reduce the amount of hard impacted fecal matter in the small intestine, large intestine and colon. Other cleansers focus on the colon and stimulate mucous production instead of breaking down hard fecal matter.

    As a colon cleanser Oxy-Powder® adds oxygen into the bloodstream and bowel and does so in a natural and non-toxic way. The average person by the age of 40 has between 10-20 pounds of hard compacted fecal matter lodged in their intestinal tract.Our intestinal tract is 25-30 feet in length and if you cut it open and spread it out, the surface area is the size of a tennis court. In order to clean the digestive tract you must turn that solid compaction into a liquid or gas, using time-released oxygen (oxidation/reduction). This is exactly what Oxy-Powder® does.

    By using Oxy-Powder® you can melt away or oxidize the compaction from the small intestine, the large intestine and the colon safely and effectively. This is important because a clean intestinal tract is an essential step in achieving optimal health.

    Bowel Dependence

    Oxy-Powder® will NOT cause bowel dependence, but if a pre-existing bowel dysfunction is present then it may seem as though Oxy-Powder® is continually needed. What is really happening is the Oxy-Powder® is actually helping the bowel to do a job which it has previously been unable to do. This should not be termed as dependence but actually giving needed help to the intestinal system to rid itself of harmful toxins and compaction, thereby reducing the load that the already dysfunctional intestinal tract has to handle.

    Weight Loss
    This product is not specifically intended for weight loss. While some people have reported weight loss ranging from 5 to 20 pounds when using Oxy-Powder®, this is not actual fat loss, but is due to the elimination of stored hard-compacted fecal matter throughout the whole length of the intestinal tract.

    Acid-Alkaline Balance
    The overall effect of Oxy-Powder® on the body should be mildly alkalizing. The magnesium compounds are alkaline and the natural citric acid actually raises the alkalinity in the body. There may be a temporary elevation in the acidity of the bowel itself while cleansing as many of the toxins removed can be quite acidic. Oxy-Powder® actually removes the acidic material from the body and helps to prevent re-absorption through the intestinal lining. The ingredients in Oxy-Powder® will not negatively affect the body’s ability to achieve an alkaline state for optimal health.

    Your digestive system is your lifeline to good health! Each day approximately 2½ gallons of food, liquids, and body secretions are processed by your system. Everything works just fine until occasional constipation strikes. Then your life can become downright miserable.

  • Bart G

    I use Isagenix..
    There is a 9 day and 30 day program. I always feel so good during and after a cleanse.
    It is a great way to kick start a healthy lifestyle!
    Good Luck!

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