What medical condition stops you from losing weight?

I don’t get it, fat people say "Oh, I have this medical condition, so don’t call me fat"
But, there are food that burn fat, & they can exercise. So, is there a medical condition that no matter what, you can’t burn fat? Because I don’t really believe in their excuses. Also, what’s this about being big boned ? You’re fat, don’t blame your bones.

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  • angziety

    Hmm.. well there’s Cushing’s, PCOS, multitudes of thyroid conditions, multitudes of pituitary conditions.. shall I go on? I have been skinny my entire life until recently and that was because of a stupid birth control pill called Yasmin. I have tried so many diets, fads, paid money out the butt for supplements and things they sell on TV.. and none of it works. If it was THAT easy to lose weight by simply "eating less calories and exercising" then don’t you think there would be less fat people in the world?

    The bariatric industry is still trying to figure out how to help people lose weight.. why? Because the things everyone suggests obviously isn’t working! When there is a breakthrough in weight loss that doesn’t harm people or cause bad side effects, that person or group of people (which will probably be scientists) will be the richest people in the world and it will be all over the news and doctors will prescribe it and suggest it, etc. etc. etc.

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