What can I do to maintain my health against air pollution?

Any natural products like herbs?
I have shortness of breath
And I have trouble breathing as deeply as I could in Australia now Im back in Singapore.

The pollution is coming from the heavy traffic on the roads.
Everytime a motor vehicle passes by I have to breathe the pollutants. And the large ratio of smokers even at restaurants and inside pubs. Plus the forest fires from Indonesia.

I want to fight this unfair conditions that I have been dealt.
I do not want to die slowly, having my insides and exterior slowly decay because the ppl around me dont care about the enviroment or even their health.


  • Hi Dasalvage,

    You might not be able to control the heavy affects of
    pollution in Singapore, but you could consider other areas
    of your health to lessen the side affects you are experiencing.

    Try to eliminate as many chemicals out of your home space,
    office, car, clothing, personal care products etc. Try certified organic
    personal care products, deodorant without aluminium, toothpaste
    without fluriode (some contain: chlorhexidren, bromchlorophen &
    even formaldehyde). Fluoride Stripes are made from another

    Hair products & loads of sunscreens are not good for your skin.
    Your skin is the largest organ on your body. It is like your skin
    has billions of tiny mouths that ingest what is put onto it.

    Look for:
    Certified Organic products for your health care. Get yourself
    onto a good pro-biotic product to assist in the removal of
    bad bacteria from your colon & encourage good bacteria.
    After all from what I know we are made from bacteria.

    Check the food labels on the food you are eating. Get yourself
    a toxic chemicals listing & food listing. When eating out ask
    what is in your food.

    From my research I have found: Go easy on soy products. Soy is the abominable bean. The soy bean contains e.g. high levels of aluminium, high temperature grinding, extracted oils with dangerous solvents, the meal is mixed with alkaline solution.

    Do you drink diet drinks, chewing gum, jams etc.? From my research it is one of the most deadly excitotoxin of all. Also known as additive 951, it is not labelled on all foods.

    According to Dr William Campbell Douglas in his Second Opinion
    Newsletter: Chronic methanol toxicity from diet softdrinks (you know the big brands I am speaking about), usually diagnosed as something else, has similar symptoms as lupus and MS. It is usually found that the patient drinks three to four 12 oz cans per day.

    The symptoms of "aspartame disease" include chronic methyl alcohol toxicity – are amazingly varied, including: blindness, tinnitus, numbness, muscle spasms, slurred speech, blurred vision, joint pain, headaches, anxiety, vertigo and memory loss. Aspartane is sadly addictive.

    These are just some of products you could cut down on in your
    everyday life. I could go on & on. If you want more info I would
    love to tell you more.

    By the way if you do a lot of air travel careful there also. Did you
    know that they spray pesticides on the plane before passengers
    embark in many countries?

    Good luck with it all. Remember the most powerful energy
    is love!


  • campesino

    You have to move to an open country location. There is a lot of air pollution in large cities. If you are asthmatic you may have problems with the pollen even in the country. You must asses your particular problem.

  • suraj n

    there is best way to maintain health against air pollution is to do yogas in the early morning. you get up at 6oclock morning and do yogas for about 1hour daily. you will get the positive result within 1 month.

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