What are some natural ways to get toxins out of your body?

I like taking millions of examples from the home remedies which are natural, (from skin care, body etc) because i find & believe that beauty is definitely from the inside..but i haven’t found out how do you have a natural way to release toxins out from your body? Besides drinking green tea..? =)

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  • Dejagurl

    There’s lots of ways to get out toxins.
    Some of the easier ways are:
    You could take a nice warm bath with some Epsom salts.
    You could buy a "cleanse" from a health food store, although be careful because some are pretty strong, just get a gentle one.
    You could go on a "juice fast" and only drink fresh squeezed fruit and veggie juices for a couple days. That helps your body clean out stuff and it’s pretty healthy to do every few months or so.
    I usually take a super-food powder every day that has lots of good stuff like chrorella and spirunela and other natural plants in it, it’s a very good nutritional supplement and I’ve found that slowly and gently gets toxins out of me.
    Hope these suggestions help!

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