Natural remedies for breast cancer?

Does anyone know of natural remedies for someone with HER-2 positive breast cancer, or breast cancer in general? Someone close to me has had this cancer and received radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy. She is now on heavy chemo pills and other pills that are supposed to keep the cancer from growing again. She is getting weak and tired from these pills, and they are making her body have bad side effects. We are afraid that the medication (the doctors say she has to stay on the medicine for the rest of her life) is going to be harmful to her and that maybe it would be better to stop the medicine and start a natural remedy with a good holistic diet. We find it strange that the doctors who give her medicine never tell her anything about her diet or give her suggestions about what she should be eating. They just tell her to take the medicine. Has anyone decided to do traditional remedies of cancer instead of the medicines that doctors prescribe? Please help.


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