My doctor suggest a colon detox?

Does anyone have first hand experience on a colon detox to help with my immune system? I have bad health and we think this might work. I also am on a limited income. Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi Bugsysue,

    I do a colon detox called Herbal Fiberblend. It is a combination of fiber and 17 different herbs that work together to clean out the colon and intestines.

    I’ve had good results, but if you are also trying to build your immune, you should definitely consider some immune builders as well. It works like this HFB cleans out all the built up toxins, parasites, old fecal matter, etc. from your system, but the herbs may also remove some good bacteria, too.

    If you have poor health, you need to replenish your system with Flora Food (probiotics) and nutritional supplements that are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, etc.

    For that I would recommend BarleyLife, Just Carrots, and Redibeets.

    If you find you can’t afford it all at once, I’d start with the colon cleanse and then add the others as you can afford it. (That’s what I did myself).

    I’m so sorry you are unwell. Poor health can be such a real trial. I’m praying the Lord will help you feel better soon.

    There’s more helpful info. at the site below. That’s where I get my "supplies."

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