Is there an herbal/natural cure for Pink Eye? (Conjunctivitis)?

Our daughter is not yet 6 months and we do not want to barrage her with Rx antibiotics with due cause.
Has anyone treated their infant with herbal or natural remedies?


  • Well I am reasonably sure that Belladonna which is a homeopathic remedy is used to cure pink eye, works wonders. I would suggest you consult a Homeopath. Children respond to it very well. and you are wise not to use antibiotics which can make a healthy person sick let alone babies.

    Best of Health !

  • Hippie of The 1960s

    cHEACK WITH A DOCTOR NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • livangel

    My mum only ever treated us kids with warm water and salt. Gently wipe the gunk away with a cottonball.
    It always worked without fail…also works for a sore throat gargle!

  • FX_Make-upArtist

    Because it is a baby I do not know if this applies. But dr’s now advise to leave pink eye alone and it will go away within a few days with no treatment at all. Because it is a very young child I would consult a dr though.

  • allforasia

    I had pink eye several times while living in Brazil and the doctors there just told me to wash out my eyes at least 5X a day with saline.
    I would follow the cotton ball advice above.
    this treatment feels especially good if you keep the saline in the fridge.
    Also, wash all linens and clothes that come in contact with her eye. It is possible for her to re-contaminate herself.
    I wouldn’t send her to a Dr. unless she is also running a fever. Conjunctivitis is a pretty simple infection that can be cleared up quickly and easily on your own.

    Oh, and wash your hands frequently so you don’t infect yourself, and keep passing it back and forth.

  • david c

    After treatment with hospital and loosing my entire months’ salary it simply got so much worse, that I could not see and the eyes were bulging out of the sockets where the white eyes were 100% red. It was so red, it started to bleed out with a bloody sac.

    I went to several drugs stores, bought many medicines in an attempt to cure this. As usual, I haven’t been lucky with any antibiotics or OTC medicine as the viral/bacteria is completely resistant to them all.

    With this string of bad luck I had no choice as usual, but to painfully seek my own cures. After lots of trial and error, I found magnesium chloride, at about 5%-10% solution to be most helpful.

    The water I used was ordinary tap water at the time. I varied the percentage between 5% to 10% depending on my conditions at the time. When it was very serious, as my eyeballs were already peeling away, I used a solution closer to 10% to bring relief. Within seconds, I felt instantly better (along with less red color) which is a miracle since, none of the other OTC medicines offer any kind of relief. Then later on I reduced down to 5% as conditions improved. Most people I would probably recommend only 5%, mine was rather serious since I treated myself very late in the game.

    I calculated the concentration by mixing and adding the magnesium chloride to a point where the level of pain was tolerable enough or that the pain from the viral conjunctivitis was reduced.

  • Sea-Green Eyes

    Native American Recipe is: BORIC ACID mixed w/ warm water to cleanse the eyes.But u should research anything that u do w/ a precious baby! Wash all of baby’s things in BORAX soap though. Keep her hands and fingernails clean and stop letting everybody and anybody touch her! Keep your family’s hands clean too. Somebody’s not washing after using the restroom. Hate to be so blunt but it’s the truth!

  • Eyebright

    hey i am named after it.

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