if you have curry can it turn ur urine bright yellow or dark? Plus I have flu/cold?


  • Mike B

    Urine changes colour for a variety of reasons, the food and drink you swallow can affect the colour and smell.

    Asparagus makes your urine stink most dreadfully, alcohol will make it smell sweet, if you drink a lot of fruit juice it will smell of that juice, as someone here has already said, eat lots of beatroot, it will if you eat enough look the colour of and smell of beatroot, purple pee!

    That said urine contains salts the body does not require, uric acid, hence urine, and bile, the colour and amount is affected by the amount of water you drink, and environmental factors, if you excercise a lot, sweating will reduce urine production, so you wee less and the urine will be slightly darker. The same will happen on hot days when the body uses more of the water you take in to control the internal temperature.

    Healthy urine is sterile, does not smell strongly and is usually a light straw colour, if apart from eating strong smeling foods, or those that will increase the colour, any darkening of urine is a potential health concern.

    Any type of liver or kidney condition will darken urine, so can having a cold or flu, as these conditions can affect the working of both organs, if darkened urine persists this can be blood in urine and needs investigating.

    When I was very young, I contracted Yellow Jaundice, Hep A, my urine was almost black for about two weeks and the return to a normal colour was seen as recovery.

    If you have a concern about the clour of urine, or for that matter changes in bowel movement, ALWAYS see a doctor!

  • Amberly S

    no.it wont. thats like saying if you have nacho cheese will it turn your pee yellow

  • InuYasha

    no,curry won’t affect the color of your urine.
    i don’t quite get the second question..i mean, are you asking if you have a flu? what are your symptoms, if any?

  • cottontail

    You need to talk to a doctor. Not sure about the curry bit – unless just a one off . However if you are unwell with very dark urine you need to ask drs advice. Call NHS direct if in uk. Good luck

  • Colin M

    Sometimes what you eat or drink can colour your urine. Too much beetroot does that to me, frightened me to death when it first happened! So, strangely, does Irnbru, gives an interesting orange tinge. "Flushing out" with plenty of water did the trick.

    If it carries on though, you ought to consult your GP.

  • Sal*UK

    Sorry – but I beg to differ with Amber!! If you eat beetroot it will turn your wee red!! So I suspect sufficient colouring in a curry could possibly have the same effect. Did you have beer as well – that makes urine very dark.

  • John & Shona - fat free diet!

    more likely yuo r dehidrated.

    drink lots of water to clear the pee.

    also try some drops of ECHINIAFORCE for the infection/cold/flu

    works for me

  • bolavo

    usually means your dehydrated drink some water.
    of course when u drink beer it go’s clear but the alcohol dehydrates you

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