Should I be worried about my Thyroid Peroxidase ABS levels?

I went to get my yearly blood tests done and my Thyroid Peroxidase ABS (TPO) Level is 184 H normal range is 0-60. Should I be worried? What does this mean anyways? My doctor wasnt overly concerned… Any advice would be helpful! my TSH 3rd Generation was normal Free T3 NOrmal and Free T4 normal.

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  • It means that you might have a thyroid autoimmune condition in which your immune system attacks your thyroid gland. It’s actually pretty common. It’s not something to worry about a lot. But what will likely happen is that eventually, your thyroid gland will not work as well as it used to and then you’ll have to take thyroid hormone supplements. Right now, though, your thyroid hormone levels are normal, so you’re fine. You should get your thyroid tested at your annual medical exams.

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