natural abortion ways?

i know this sounds crazy but i have been thinking alot about what if i get pregnant, my boyfriend doesnt believe in abortion but if i end up pregnant i may want to get an abortion without him knowing. are there any natural ways for an abortion without going to a doctor?


  • Jayjay

    Yes, there are natural methods of abortion.
    Herbal methods are widely used in natural abortions either to cause uterine contractions, soften the cervix, starve the uterus of progesterone to cause shedding, or a combination of all these. However such methods can be very unsafe if it is not carried out correctly, potentially your health or life could be put at risk, and if the abortion is not successful you may give birth to a child with serious disabilities or health problems. Herbal Abortion –

    Why wouldn’t you get a medical abortion?
    Your boyfriend’s opinion only goes so far, you are the one who would be pregnant and have to go through childbirth (both of which pose health risks to you), and potentially you are the one who is ultimately responsible for what happens to that child once it is born. To have an abortion or not is ultimately your choice alone, your boyfriend has no control over that and he doesn’t need to know.

    A natural abortion means no doctors appointment but it still means potentially several days of bleeding and pain, as well as the potential emotional upset – even if you are pro-choice and completely comfortable with your decision, the choice to have an abortion and the physical strains can be a big emotional strain. Either you would have to avoid your boyfriend during that time, or you would have to lie to him about what is happening such as by saying you are having a miscarriage – neither of which are particularly healthy for either of you or for your relationship.

    If you are going to follow your boyfriends wishes then you do so completely, a natural abortion is still an abortion so if you don’t want to go against your boyfriends wishes you carry on the pregnancy. You both need to resolve this conflict, or you need to explain to your boyfriend that you do believe in abortion and if you fall pregnant it is an option you will consider. It’s not wise to be sexually active when both partners are not clear about what they will do if the woman falls pregnant.

    Obviously the ideal situation is that you don’t get pregnant to begin with – you don’t have sex, or if you do have sex you use a reliable form of birth control within a buddy system (such as IUD’s and condoms, which are 99.99% effective against unwanted pregnancy), also making sure that you know where to go to access emergency contraception if needed. It’s very rare an abortion is really needed if you use birth control correctly – and again, medical abortion is best.

  • Darrel

    Someone could punch you in the belly.

  • No. If you truly want an abortion then you need to speak to a doctor about getting it done. If there were ANY safe ways of doing it at home no one would bother going to a doctor about it.

    Maybe you should just use two forms of birth control so that you don’t ever get put in that position until you are ready to have a child?

  • Stephanie

    If you’re asking a question like this in the first place, you need to take every possible precaution to make sure this does NOT happen. Get on some form of birth control, and have him wear a condom. You don’t want to find yourself in that situation, trust me.

    There are no safe ways to have an abortion without going to a doctor, you would be risking your life if you tried it yourself "natural" or not

  • the way i did my abortion with no one knowing, is i took one (1,000 mg) vitamin c tablet every 2 hours. it’s safe, and no one has to know. if he sees you taking them, just say you’re trying to boost your immune system.

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